Test Tools Shop Solutions for Bermuda and the Falkland Islands.

Test Tools Shop Solutions for Bermuda and the Falkland Islands.

From our Sales and Technical Support office in Cannock, Staffordshire we communicate with some of the UK's leading companies supplying their engineers with solutions to cover their test and measurement requirements, over the last 10 years we don't believe that there is a manufacturing or service sector that we have not supported in someway. We do however focus on the UK market so as you can imagine when we recently got the opportunity to support engineers in Bermuda and the Falkland Islands we got a bit excited!

The solution to their problem was relatively simple and provided in the form of the Hioki 3554 Battery Tester, one in Bermuda now supports a large data centre with routine battery monitoring and the other in the Falkland  Islands helps keep communication systems up and running, an important requirement in such a remote location.

These two relatively simple applications for our products once again bring home to us how important the internet is for engineers looking for solutions to their test and measurement problems. We spend a lot of our time and resources developing the Test Tools Shop website so that potential customers can find our products while searching for a solution to resolve their latest test and measurement challenge. When they do find us it’s very satisfying to be able to communicate directly with their engineers to resolve their test and measurement problems. Even at distant locations in different time zones we are able to offer quick supportive technical advice on the initial application of our products and then further technical support as and when require.

Now we know most of our customers and potential customers are a bit closer to home, so if you need a solution to your test and measurement problem please just get in touch wherever you are!

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