Test Tools going Underground with Tube Lines!

Test Tools going Underground with Tube Lines!

When Tube Lines needed to upgrade the battery systems on its underground Tube Stock (1973 Tube Stock) their initial priority was to monitor the existing and new battery systems to better understand how the battery’s actually performed under the daily load profile of an operational tube train on the Piccadilly Line.

Tube Lines needed to monitor the load characteristics placed on the battery system, this included charging at 50V DC via the motor alternators and then the effect of direct DC loads which could include; the lighting systems, heaters, traction equipment, door controls, braking systems and radio communications.

There was a requirement to record real time data in four locations within the tube train. Two temperature points including ambient temperature and battery compartment temperatures needed to be monitored, battery terminal voltages at 4 locations and both charging and discharge battery loads. Temperature monitoring was carried out via temperature transmitters with a DC voltage output, charging/discharge battery voltages could be monitored directly and the DC charge/discharge current was monitored via 16 specially designed Hall Effect current probes from our partner GMC-I Prosys. All of the measurement signals were then feed into and recorded by four Hioki 10 channel compact data loggers ‘Secretly Concealed’ in 4 locations on each tube train to be monitored!

Over a six week period Tube Lines were able to complete a battery load profile for the tube trains running on the Piccadilly line at different times, days and under different working conditions this base line development work will help Tube Lines monitor the performance of the new battery system over the long term.

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