Monitoring Gas Turbines at 188MW Combined Heat and Power Plant.

Monitoring Gas Turbines at 188MW Combined Heat and Power Plant.

The PX Group are a specialist support company, they play a key role in the management of strategic assets for many leading companies. In this application the PX Group are responsible for the operational and maintenance support for a large 188MW Combined Heat and Power Plant and they found a great application for the Hioki LR8431-20 Memory HiLOGGER the world’s most compact 10 Channel Data logger.

Engineers working on this CHP plant needed to record the results from frequency response testing carried out on the CHP gas turbines and capture the data showing how the generators would respond to support changes in the grid frequency above and below the required 50Hz. This is a key requirement of the National Grid’s Code of Compliance. The test was performed by injecting a ‘frequency deviation signal’ into the turbines governor system and recording the response. The signals that needed to be monitored were picked up from the governor’s control system and consisted of two 4 to 20mA signals and six 0 to 10V dc signals. The initial brief from the PX group engineer was as follows

“The logger must be able to record 0-10v dc signals and a 4-20mA signal, have sample rate of 100mS and importantly, be able to export the data in an Excel spreadsheet format.  A series of tests might go on for 10 hours”.

This requirement was easily meet with the Hioki LR8431-20 10 Channel Data logger. This compact portable instrument is easy to set up to record both 4 to 20mA and 0 to 10V DC signals and even with all 10 channels recording at a sample rate of 100ms continuous recording could be achieved for up to 65 days! The engineer was also able to download the recorded data in csv format and then produce an Excel spreadsheet just as he had requested.

The engineer’s final comments were;

 “The logger was excellent and did everything and more than expected.  It was easy to set up and connect into the system for measurement.  A great piece of equipment and a very reasonable price”.

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