Lovely Little Loggers solve testing problem for Environmental Compliance!

Lovely Little Loggers solve testing problem for Environmental Compliance!

Environmental Compliance Ltd recently placed another order with us for the Hioki LR5031 Instrumentation Loggers. This prompted our Director Mark to ask the question; what are you using these lovely little loggers for?

Environmental Compliance confirmed, “We use these loggers to record the output from our FID’s” That’s great Mark thought, thanks! A quick chat around the office and we quickly realised that the problem was we didn’t have a clue what an FID was! OK Googles a wonderful little tool and a quick investigation told us that an FID is in fact a “Flame Ionization Detector”. Next question, what’s a bloody “Flame Ionization Detector” a few more minutes on Google and we were pulling up pictures, data sheets, white papers and suddenly we know all we need to know about Gas Chromatography and Flame Ionization Detectors and yes we were now experts!

To cut a long story short all we really needed to know was that these FID’s transmit a mA signal that our lovely little loggers just love to log. The Hioki LR5031 Instrumentation Loggers are set up on site by Environmental Compliance engineers and are left logging the FID’s signal output for 2…24 hours this gives the engineers all the recorded data that they need. Environmental Compliance stated that they seem ideally suited for this purpose. Thanks’ guys!

We know we are here to help our customers and we do try our best, but we also appreciate that most of what we know we have learnt whilst serving our customers!

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