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Power Quality Analyzer & Energy Analyzer packaged  with i430-Flexi-TF-II clamps
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Fluke 435-II

Power Quality Analyzer & Energy Analyzer packaged with i430-Flexi-TF-II clamps

Test Tools Price: £5370.00 inc VAT £6444.00

The Fluke 435-II Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer helps locate, predict, prevent, and troubleshoot power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems.

What we like about the Fluke 435-II Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer:

If you are looking for a Class A - Power Quality and Energy Analyzer with the ability to display measurement values & graphs, with an easily selectable range of measurement tasks, as well as having the ability to log custom measured values, the Fluke 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer is an ideal solution. 

There are five voltage terminals to accommodate various power system types including three phase with neutral & earth, four further terminals are used for the current connections and these recognize and power the Fluke iFlex® flexible current probes allowing for measurement of phase and neutral currents. The iFlex® flexible current probes have a very small diameter enabling you to easily connect around buzz-bars and cables with limited space.

The bright full colour large LCD display offer 5 different screen views; these include Meter Screen that shows you’re your instantaneous values. Trend Screen helps you view data over time. Waveform Screen shows real-time waveforms just like a scope. Phasor Screen shows the phase relationship between voltages and currents in a vector diagram and then the Bar Graph Screen is particularly useful for displaying harmonic levels.

The “Menu” screen introduces an option to log according to preselected measurement tasks, including Volts/Amps/Hertz, Dips & Swells, Harmonics, Power & Efficiency, Energy Loss Calculator, Power Inverter Efficiency, Unbalance, Inrush, Monitor, Flicker, Transients, Power Wave & Mains Signaling.  However the unit is not limited to these options and custom measurements can be selected through the “Logger” screen.

The unit can be controlled remotely and data can be downloaded directly to a PC using the USB lead supplied.  The software is supplied on a CD or can be downloaded from the website and is easy to install.  It allows for measurements to be investigated directly in the software, exported to external software or for reports to be easily produced in a pdf format with a custom logo.

Even the Manual for the Fluke 435-II Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer is well laid out easy to follow and a great source of information and is loaded with ‘Tips & Hints’ to help you progress with your power quality monitoring.