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AC Energy Logger Simplifies Three-Phase Energy  Monitoring & load Surveys
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Fluke 1730

AC Energy Logger Simplifies Three-Phase Energy Monitoring & load Surveys

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The Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Energy Logger simplifies power and energy monitoring and enables you to produce simple load studies for your complete facility or individual pieces of industrial equipment or office/retail departments. Energy surveys can then be produced before and after energy saving methods have been introduced

What we like about the Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Energy Logger:

If you are looking an easy to use, simplistic solution for logging energy consumption and other power measurements then the Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Energy Logger is the perfect choice.  Measurements and trends are displayed on the ‘Meter’ screen, and there is a touch-screen option to quickly verify the connection before logging commences.  The ‘Power’ screen turns the Fluke 1730 into a three phase power meter for instantaneous values or live load profiles.  Finally the ‘Logger’ screen introduces an option to log voltage, current, frequency, total harmonic distortion plus power measurements, you can also apply an energy cost function to display energy consumed in real money! Data can be downloaded directly to a PC using the USB lead supplied alternatively when a USB stick is connected the unit prompts the user to transfer data to the memory stick. The software is supplied on a USB stick or can be downloaded from the website and it’s easy to install!  The software allows you to investigate measurements more closely and produce simple test reports that can be customized with your company details or logo and then saved in pdf format.

The Fluke 1730 is also very versatile and easy to connect to the mains power with the power lead supplied or alternatively its operating power can be derived directly from the measured supply. The unit’s power pack clips neatly to the back of the case but can be removed if space is a premium and re-connected via extension cables supplied. There are four voltage terminals to accommodate various systems from single to three phase & neutral, and three Fluke i1730-flex 1500 Thin Flexi Current Probes for measurement applications up to 1500A are also supplied and these are powered directly from the Fluke 1730.

Fluke 1730 AC Energy Logger Simplifies Three-Phase Energy  Monitoring & load Surveys   In Stock Now