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Pressure Testing Pipeline Systems Supported by Microedge Data Loggers

Pressure Testing Pipeline Systems Supported by Microedge Data Loggers

MACAW Engineering is a leading independent engineering consultancy, working with global operators of oil & gas production facilities, pipelines and utility systems to reduce risk, maintain integrity and extend the service life of their client’s assets.

MACAW’s engineering capabilities cover high pressure steel transmission pipelines, low pressure cast iron and polyethylene distribution networks. They offer hydrostatic & pneumatic pressure testing up to 1200 bar covering all parts of the associated pipelines, joints and assemblies. During the tests procedures they have to monitor both flow and pressure at several test points using a range of existing pressure and flow transducers. MACAW engineers were looking for a simple compact industrial data logger to record their test results. They needed a multichannel data logger to monitor the DC voltage output from the flow and pressure transducer over a stipulated time frame and then via simple software they needed to programme different engineering units against the DC voltage input signal to facilitate the production of acceptable test reports for their clients.

GMC Instrumentation quickly reviewed MACAW’s requirements and found the ideal solution from the Microedge SITE-LOG range of industrial data loggers.

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